Day 96 – To date I’ve lost 27.5lbs. I keep telling myself “I’ve lost a toddler!” as I’m hitting a bit of frustrating reality. I needed to give myself a pep talk today. Apparently this weight doesn’t magically fall off like in the diet commercials. I forget who planted the “toddler” thought, but it was a lifesaver today. I am committed to freeing myself from getting bogged down with negative, brain-invading thought worms, “I’ve only lost 27lbs!” Or the dreaded, “Is it really 96 days and I still freakin’ look like this!” Those were the winner (read: loser) thoughts of the day and I am choosing to push them to the side. I am choosing to “fight on.” (USC Trojan fight song reference). I am choosing to continue looking for the wonderful in my life.

Speaking of wonderful. Tonight was WONDERFUL. My husband, both sons, and our daughter were together tonight. Just us. A rarity with one a college grad, another in, and one on the way to college. We went to a lovely neighborhood restaurant. And although my daughter almost cracked as the discussion touched upon the finer points of #crossfit shoes a little longer than she could deal with, we enjoyed being together. And I’m thanking everyone, including myself, for getting me fit enough to walk the one and a half miles after dinner for frozen yogurt. Now, as I sit upstairs writing this blog, I can hear them laughing out loud. There is nothing more wonderful than the sound of their laughter when they are together. My heart is filled. Everyone is safe under one roof. I’m feeling grateful, appreciative, and still slightly frustrated my pernicious, fluffiness persists. “I’ve lost a toddler” but my family is back home for the weekend and that is my wonderful.

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