Day 97 – To support me in my 100lb quest, my son did Zumba with me AND he wore the shirt – willingly! My Fat To Fab Over 50 campaign got a big time lift when my son showed up! He’s a Crossfit Trainer so he pretended to break a sweat. It was sort of like a pity sweat. But I’ll take it! My heart was so filled with love and gratitude. With a smile on his face, he did the entire class. And throughout the entire class he even tolerated me continually throwing my arms up around his neck, squeezing and hugging him and telling him how much I appreciated this moment. I even danced around him I was so happy to have him there. I was ridiculous. I don’t even care! It was fanf’ingtastic.

He’d come into town for his father’s birthday…and he was as great of a gift the day he came into our lives, as the gift he is today. I naturally think he is the most handsome but I also believe God blinds you by love. So he could be a knuckle-dragging, mouth breather but I would have NO clue. I’m a mom so all bets on objectivity are off. It was fun. My friend in the class, Liz had her daughter with her and our kids know each other so they were in the same boat…probably hoping the earth would open and swallow them whole as all anyone could ask them was what their plans post college were. Surprisingly, my Zumba’ing was much improved today. Not the movement part – I still look like I’m dancing to another track of music – but I wasn’t ready to faint at the end. So big ups to me!

Today was a cheat day for me…so the day got better and better! My third cheat day since beginning this journey. I had 2 chocolate pancakes, 2 bacon strips, a bite of #JoesStoneCrab key lime pie, grilled brussel sprouts, 2 sushi California rolls, about 10-12 small firecracker shrimp, and a small glass of Japanese beer. There. Guiltless confession over. I could have done way, WAY more damage but I was good to go with this. Back in the buggy tomorrow.

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