Day 98 – My 10 year high school reunion is the only one I attended. My best friend from high school and I both flew into town for it. She from Chicago and me from Washington, D.C.. She was my date. And since I love her, and I’m a good date, I got her a corsage. I remember my older sister driving us around town in her car. It was like we were teleported back to high school again, sitting in the back seat with her grilling us about our “5 year plan.” It’s not that we were complete slackers! My friend was already a very successful international lawyer at a big name firm and I was an award winning journalist and TV producer. But wow. That “5 year plan” question threw us into a tail spin. Since my sister was a former prosecutor, she sensed our hesitation and came in for the kill. She drilled us without mercy. We cracked and coughed up some lame goals hoping to placate her. No such luck. She was like a chihuahua on your leg at a garden party. And thank god she did it.

I think it helped us crystalize our visions for our futures. I remember hearing my friend’s “big life goal” for the first time in that car ride. I remember looking at her, shocked by it’s ambition, and thinking “Wow! No $hit! Well THAT is aspirational! Go big babe! Right on!” I’m proud to report she achieved it within 5 years. I won a Peabody Award the next year so my sister backed off…but only for a while and she is still riding my a@#. And I love her for it. Today, this same friend and I keep each other honest. She is basically bulletproof at this point at the pinnacle of a storied legal career. Life has thrown some tough curves, but she is tougher, and then some. As for me, as you can see here daily in this blog, I’m going down swinging. We question each other. Ask the hard questions. Wait for each answer. Consider it. Then demand the real one.

My sister may have never even given that car ride a second thought. But I have thought about it many, many times. The familiar streets, sights, and sounds of our hometown were whizzing by as we drove past, and the years have passed almost as fast. 10 years from now – I do not want this time to be but a blur. I know from experience, it will unless I use it wisely. I am definitely choosing my life. Whatever I must settle for, I want to know at least I gave it my all.

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