Day 99 – Today, I inspire me! What the heck?! How did this miracle happen?!

Just yesterday, I was having a tough conversation with a friend of mine. We were commiserating about the challenges of living our lives at “this weight.” She was remarking how “invisible” she felt and I knew exactly how she felt. EXACTLY. At this weight, strangers avert their eyes as I walk by – often even when I say hello and smile at them! Doors are typically not held open like they used to be. We both know the difference. We’ve both lived different lives, and lived them as different sizes. Same result. Same feeling. Same with eating in public. Feeling, knowing the tsk-tsk’ing, “Should she be ordering that?” I don’t even have to look to see if someone is passing judgement. The thing is…I FEEL it.

I was reminded of it today because my beloved dietician and trainer, Erik Bustillo is clueless. It happened when we were exiting an elevator on our way to workout this morning. There was a whole gaggle of women who lost their godforsaken minds as this tall, ridiculously handsome gentleman stood, taking a momentary pause in his conversation with me to make his mother proud, and hold the elevator door. Blissfully unaware he was being leered at and ogled, Erik stood looking straight ahead as they knocked into each other trying to file in and look at him at the same time. There is nothing invisible about Erik. And as this elevator episode unfolded, his “visibility” crystalized as the counterpoint of yesterday’s conversation for me.

I looked at him in amazement at how oblivious he was. When we walked away I told him, shaking my head, “you have NO clue do you?” He looked at me surprised, “What?” When I pressed him he admitted knew. He told me he didn’t need to look. He “felt it.” HE FELT IT! Just like my friend and I feel what we feel.

(Insert inspirational pep talk to self here.)

So after the above inspirational pep talk, I think anyone who walks by me or my friend is missing out! Just like in the case of Erik, I really don’t think any of these women could have any appreciation of just what a goofball he is. Or that he is as soulful and soul-filled a person as you could find. Their jaws-dropped, staring at the physical, and totally missing what is truly special about him. He explained he chose to ignore it, because he is in love with someone. That he didn’t want to be disrespectful of her or the importance of their relationship. (tear)

Today’s hashtag in honor of #InternationalWomensDay is #SheInspiresMe. My friend who I had the conversation with inspires me to push forward and feel great about the progress I’m making. Within 3 months, I’ve lost nearly 30lbs, my hot flashes are a memory, my knee no longer hurts, my blood work came back GREAT, and my pre-diabetic state is no more! I’m killin’ it today! Bam! Happy International mo fo women’s day!

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