Day 103 – #NYC with my daughter was so much fun. We held hands. We told each other “I love you.” We bossed each other around (a titanic struggle of wills). We recognized how difficult our eventual separation will be. I accidentally found the grommets she was searching days for! And now I know what they are! Perhaps I should be the fashion student! I am feeling exhilarated and a tad guilty. Although I am really, REALLY trying not to have negative energies like guilt rule my life and life choices, falling off the diet wagon – no matter how much fun or how delicious it is – just reminds me of how much work I have to do.

Life is cruel like that. The good. The bad. The heartfelt. The heartbreaking. Everything. One jumbled mass of a mess to make sense of.

She is everything to me. But decidedly her own person. We talked about falling in love and flirting. She was grossed out. “No Mom! Stop talking ‘Shorty!’ OMG!” But she listened and she knew she’d know when it was the right person.

Good luck to him. He will get us in the deal. We travel well together.

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