Day 104 – Wow. Powerful day. It began with one of my dearest friends who is a near death survivor, speaking about her new book “37 Seconds” and bearing witness to the afterlife. I’ve seen the video of her regression therapy. She is crying as she relives and retells what happened to her while she had no pulse, flatlining after giving birth to her son. She showed a brief video clip of it when she spoke today. It makes me cry every time. EVERY damn time I see it.

I think I cry because it gives me hope. Hope beyond hope my lost loved ones are still with me. That the “coincidences” she now refuses to believe in, are NOT coincidences at all…but intentional. Premonitions. Visions. Foretelling. Foreseeing. I absolutely believe her. I would unquestioningly walk through fire for her. But it is all something I have a hard time intellectually reconciling. Laughingly, she even called me out on it at her presentation today. I loved that the crowd loved her and got a glimpse of what is so special about her. She gave them hope, inspiration, and confirmation.

I left my morning event and met my family at the cemetery where my mother-in-law of blessed memory was laid to rest just over a year ago. We came to bear witness that her headstone was placed and worthy of bearing her name. My father-in-law stood in silence with two of his sons and three of his grandchildren, plus me, by his side. His pain was palpable. With everyone surrounding him, my husband, his brother, and the kids did their best to console him. I said nothing and kept my head down. After my reminder this morning, I kept thinking she MUST be there. Then my husband spoke to her, confirming his faith she saw we were doing our best to stay together and live the lives she hoped we’d live. It was a simple, plain-spoken, and lovely moment standing at her graveside.

I began my Fat To Fab Over 50 journey to save my life. And so my life moves inexorably forward. One pound at a time. One day at a time. All the time moving too fast. Everyday trying to find a new appreciation and be grateful for my life.

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