Day 105 – They drew a big penis in the dirt on my rear window. What ever happened to messages like “Wash Me?” I’d been driving around like that for a couple of days before discovering it. I asked my kids if they knew anything. The meme in this post is their response – almost verbatim. I wasn’t buying it. Then there was a crack in the ranks. They blamed each other. Then I found out who the culprit was. Then before I could muster the energy to do anything about it I got distracted and forgot about it. Then I brought my car to the mechanic to get a wheel fixed. I discovered the penis was still there as they handed me the key today. All I could do was laugh through the embarrassment. Then I was in a hurry to get to the office so I drove off and forgot to do something about it again as I jumped out of the car running into a meeting.

Such has been the story of my typical day to day. Some sort of sh!t happens. I get all excised about it. I’m tenacious enough to get to the bottom of it. Get distracted. Forget what I was upset about. And fail to take corrective action. Which in this particular case involving a penis on my window, beatings, or some sort of spanking, should have commenced immediately. But alas. Here I am again. The big difference is now I have serious back-up and a clear path forward.

My life coach, Bill Cortright is a gift in my life. Working with him is the best decision I have made in the last 15 years. Truly. And I’m not making this statement lightly. With his guidance, I am discovering my unconscious, subconscious and conscious self even exist, and most importantly, how to make them coexist and function at optimal levels. I’m now realizing I’ve been so busy chasing my responsibilities, rushing through my days, being ruled by energies that ironically shut me down rather than energize me, that I no longer wonder where my life went. Or why I lost interest in myself and my self concept. I am now aware and making active, positive steps to be purposeful, and positive with my energy. Not winning the battle every day, as evidenced with this penis debacle, but I am making VERY conscious choices to empower myself and make myself happy. And even though the culprit of the penis prank is headed to Harvard, clearly he is not a genius! #wink #LOL

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