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Day 176 – I think my husband and I just attended our last High School event.  And we ditched! (cue: shame spiral)

Pictured with her favorite fashion teacher, her days in High School are numbered. Two weeks from today our baby, our last of three, will graduate and head off to College. An Art and Design Magnet School, we went to the Senior Showcase this evening and it was filled with talent…hers among them.

In the past I would have stayed to the bitter end. But there is a fantastic restaurant right next door called MC Kitchen in the Design District and once one of us mentioned it. Poof! We were out and getting seated right by the window so we could watch everyone else come and go from the event. It was fantastic. A couple of people saw us and came in to say hello. I started to feel guilty – which I recognize as NOT a productive energy…so I’m working it out here.

Ironic. If you would have asked me 18 years ago that I would have attended the finale of my daughter’s High School career for a mere 10 minutes, I would have laughed uproariously in your face. Ok fine, we still have the graduation ceremony to attend and redeem ourselves. But once she is across that stage I admit I will likely be tempted to beat a hasty retreat. It must be my brain trying to trick me into being OK with this big life transition.

I refuse to give up my 8 year old Chrysler Town & Country Van, probably because I can’t seem to shake the feeling I’m losing my “Mom” card. So I know there is serious resistance at work here. I was thrilled when my “Mom” card got thrown down hard earlier today. My son got his wisdom teeth pulled and he “needed” ME to come bring him home. I’m seriously resisting posting the hilarious video I took of him when I – being a good Mom – picked him up from the Oral Surgeon’s office. While under the influence of some serious drugs, he promised when he is a millionaire we would take a trip together and drink champagne every day. So sweet. But I am NOT posting the video. Although I am EXTREMELY TEMPTED.

So here I am, reflecting on how quickly it all is coming to an end…seemingly with a whimper…especially by dippin’ so early tonight. She is totally fine with it and we had a great meal and time together. (Protein and veggies for me.)

The time together, or lack there of…that is the tricky, trigger, trap door thing. I’m staying aware. Very aware.

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