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Day 177 – In a flash it happens. Anger. It hits my soul and psyche with a bang. UGH. Anger is one of the lowest energies. And it is a soul sucking experience to live with it.

You say things you really don’t mean. You feel out of control. And you are. Not that controlling is the best thing to be either.

Anger got me today.  So instead of stewing (which I did a fair bit of), mercifully, I got to “werk” it off with Dietician/Trainer extraordinaire, Erik Bustill0. I warned him I’d “cranked-out” earlier and that I needed to regroup. He handed me two 15 lbs weights and had me carry the 30 lbs around for quite a while. Well that certainly distracted me! Holy schnicky! Tons of squats and lunges later I did feel better. Not that threatening him during the lovely trip up and down about 20 flights of stairs wasn’t rewarding enough. He did what he could to help me get beyond it. Even though he knew that the simple act of physical exercise would lift my spirits, he humored me until it kicked in.

Then all of a sudden I was feeling better.

I hate that feeling of the rush of adrenaline flooding your body – like in a fight or flight scenario. It is sickening. And I feel it way too often for it to be good for me.

I know this. I intellectualize this. I make excuses for this. I’m so over this. I sometimes joke that I am waaaaaayyyy nicer that I am accused of being. Typically this is met with the sound of crickets.  So all those people who don’t agree with me? Go F’off! I’m extremely sweet. And I am committed to removing my rapid response down shift into “Scary Sheila.” Or I may reserve it (i.e. Scary Sheila) for special events.

From anger to happy. 0 to 60. From happy to angry. 60 – 0. But only because it takes me a while to process that someone is being rude to me. I am making my transition from Fat to Fab – working to live with a happy, hopeful, heart. And yes. I am still plotting revenge and mayhem when I meditate. But I’m workin’ on it!

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