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Day 178 – Scary Sheila appeared again today. Things were not moving as quickly as I wanted them to be. Whatever it was, how important was it to let it get me so anxious and ill-tempered? A client with a hard and fast deadline is not unusual for us. Getting normal business admin work completed quickly? Simple! Just not today.

Everything annoyed me. Unproductive, circular conversations. Projects that didn’t need me to look at it to see it wasn’t complete. My patience was tested and I absolutely failed. I could see the result in front of me. Staff that is normally chipper and laughing, avoiding my boss-zilla like stare.

Today wasn’t about them. It was about me. Regrettably. For over 30 days now, without our beloved dogs. Still lost. Probably with someone who saw how sweet they are and decided to do the wrong thing and keep them. Living without a kitchen now for months (I will not speak of the details of this, lest I run into the street screaming), and the construction disruption compromising our fencing (hence our dogs got out), has taken the last nerve I have. There is an entire host of other debacles that have transpired as well. The one thing humming along is business. Yet I stressed out today about the least stressful thing in my life right now.

Today just proves this 3-day weekend is necessary. I am going to focus on refilling my cup with some rest and loving care. Funny. This morning someone sent me a note to encourage me to focus on all the positive things in my life. And admittedly, there are many. They ended it with a tip to use Namaste as part of my daily language and intention. All I could think was, “Namas-full-of-$hit.” See? Scary Sheila. I gotta put a lid on it.

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