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Day 203 – Putting the finishing touches on casting our latest commercial campaign for a client. It is weird. You pull together head shots, you decide on face value (literally) whether or not they resonate with your target market, then ask to see them on video. Then in person (if possible). You then decide what actor or actress goes with which, the roles they’ll play and the actions they’ll perform on camera. It’s all good. And I’m usually spot on. But I really dislike making cold hearted decisions building a cast based on a “look.” But it’s a reality in my business.

I’ve lost about 50lbs at this point, but still people cast me when hiring me. When I express this to women, the conversation is expedited. They immediately get it. Men understand it too, but I think they have a longer leash when it comes to when they are considered “overweight.” That yard dog can run a lot longer before people start questioning, “If you can’t manage your weight (read: image, brand, life), how can you manage our image, brand, and work?”

I’d like to say it doesn’t happen…but it does in subtle and not so subtle ways that, at times, have left me embarrassed, angry, resentful and increasingly insecure. It is one of the reasons I’m on working to get my fab back. I did not always live as a heavy person. Quite the opposite. I know what the difference is. Trust me. Body shaming is real.

So here I was today, with two women who I chose to have lunch with. Friendship, like casting, is weird too. You pick a person you’ve met and you decide, very quickly, “I like this one!” Then you make plans to get together and get to know one another.

While you’re getting to know one another, be it for friendship or for business, you share your “story.” Increasingly, mine is my Fat To Fab Over 50 journey. My weight loss efforts. My reason(s) for doing it. My Stress Response work with Coach, Bill Cortright. My progress on the Elite FitForever plan. And my Hormone Doctor and Dietician/Trainer at Elite Health.

But wait! The best part of this process? My weight loss story seems to get more and more people opening up and sharing their stories with me. Even when they don’t have to lose weight. Every story is relatable and surprisingly universal. Better than just looking at headshots! This human connection thing. I think it’s working for me and I’m diggin’ it!

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