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Day 204 – My Big Fat Fabulous Life is a TV show I watch (on occasion). Tonight her trainer had her on the stairs of a building. (THAT looked familiar!) I’m headed to the stairs tomorrow am as a matter of fact!

But man o man o man! This is a rough show to take in. She seems happy on the outside. Sort of resisting and insisting she is ok the way she is (in general). And I do NOT like the way it feels to watch it. I think it is too close to home for me. Too close. Too familiar. Too treacherous territory for me. Watching I felt sick to my stomach.

Thank God I resisted breaking my diet earlier tonight. My cousin was in town and we took him to our favorite new Italian restaurant, Due Baci (Two Kisses) near where we live. The service is fantastic. I even wrote a Yelp review. I am 1/2 Italian and cook Italian, so going to pay money for Italian food usually leaves me underwhelmed, since I’m a terrific Italian cook (in my mind).

So tempted tonight…SO TEMPTED. But I resisted (95%). It is the ONLY reason I didn’t projectile vomit when watching this show and seeing glimpses of myself (before I began this transformational journey) reflected in the show’s star. She is killing herself. I am saving my life.

OK…there was ONE small bruschetta bite and a minuscule shot of Limoncello “on the house” as a thank you for being such frequent customers. How could I resist that? It would be rude! Remember. I’m LIVING! I’m HUMAN. Nothing against the show’s star or her story but I’m never watching this f’ing show again. It’s just too close to handle.
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