Day 205 – A milestone moment for me today. I am finally under 200lbs. My dietician and trainer, Erik Bustillo is the best there is. Without his constant care and support I would not be here. He is so positive and kind it is…slightly annoying as evidenced in the video he took this morning. For today’s torture, he whipped out a huge yellow rubber band and a heavy(ish) weight. He had me lifting and stretching and OMG. Even a nurse who happened upon us out in the parking lot couldn’t resist his charm when I called out to her and cried, “Help! I am a hostage!” All she could do was wave and smile in response to his. LOL

#fattofabover50 #milestones

So he is admittedly ridiculously fun and perceptive. He even caught me flipping him off when he took this photo! I thought I was so slick slipping it in while pumping iron.

But the funniest moment today occurred when a person (who shall remain unnamed to protect the innocent) showed up to the Elite Health Concierge Waiting Room with DONUTS. D.O.N.U.T.S. I was incredulous. Seriously? Donuts? (See my blog days 89 “Street Donuts”, 114, 119, 121 – you get the picture. They’re chasing me.) I had to take a photo. It was hilarious.

I know some days are easier than others. I know to some it may sound bizarre that I’m happy about being under the 200lb mark. The entire team at Elite Health cheered for me and I busted out dancing with Erik. He does a decent “Cabbage Patch” and of course I delivered my patented “Moonwalk.” But I know there are some who wish they were under 200lbs. I feel their pain. Anyone who has struggled with weight loss does. Like a very dear friend who is ahead of me in the weight loss game. Like me, she admitted to freezing when the announcer for a football game listed the weights of linebackers and she weighed more. Been there. It’s ugly. Being under 200lbs at that point was a dream! Like me she made up her mind and did something about it.

Yesterday she gave me a bunch of the “fluffy” clothes she no longer fits in. I was so happy for her and so very grateful. They were perfect for me. Some still had tags! I’m so now! Don’t even bother talking to me. #Snap #HeadNod #NeckRoll

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