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Day 207 – Finding it difficult to resist wine. I am choosing it. Then walking like a mad woman to manage the caloric intake associated with it. But what walking doesn’t address is my willingness to barter this one aspect of managing my food and beverage choices.

I was reminiscing with a college friend recently. We decided we were naked and partying a tad more than we’d want our children to be at that age. Mercifully (read as “hopefully”) they are far more responsible. Because, aside from their safety, today with social media and all things digital, their mistakes will haunt them forever. Ours are only known if we choose to share them or if there are witnesses willing to lose a body part.

Walking for wine. That is what I’m doing. I have been doing this “cold turkey” or “dry” for quite some time. And it really hasn’t been an issue. But right now. It is.

I can enjoy some wine (or a dirty martini) on a junk day, but I’m looking at, and planning for my the future. And a future without some wine sprinkled on it is so not fun. My husband on the other hand could never have another sip of alcohol again and not miss it. In fact, if he drinks a glass of wine or a beer with family or close friends, he’ll joke he just had more alcohol that night than the entire last year. And they would nod their collective heads in agreement because it is a totally plausible scenario. Me? Not so much.

So I’ve been humming along, not missing alcohol so much. (OK. Fine. I have been complaining…a tad bit.) Then all of a sudden I’m “jonesing” for wine. I’ve absolutely resisted…for the most part. In the last two weeks I’ve imbibed on 4 nights. Then walked what seemed like the functional equivalent of the distance to China. But I think I need to have a clearer convo with my dietician about more innovative ways to manage alcohol consumption.

Trust me. I’m paying for it. The treadmill has definitely met my feet in response. Admittedly, alcohol is not the healthiest choice. And if I’m to stay true to my values, health is right up there in my top 5. But it starts to get squidgy when you begin to define it. MENTAL health must be considered!

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