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Day 208 – This is an ambitious tie knot. But when you break it down, step by step, it becomes less daunting. Seemingly simple, in fact. It gives you a groovy result so you give it a go. It could be super fun. Then things go haywire. You start over again. This is simple enough. Over. Under. Around. Got it…..now…..no. Undo the crazy balled up section. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Right your shoulders and shake failure off. Again you try and almost succeed. You see how good it is going to look. Then that last tug snags you and the “eff” word slips out of your mouth. But now you know if you persist you can do it. You visualize yourself striding about in a manly fashion with your hands firmly on your hips as you confidently show off your new look. And you keep trying. And trying. And trying. It just isn’t that complicated. What the heck are all these complications?

This is how my Fat to Fab Over 50 journey is going. When I deconstruct it, like this tie knot, it all seems simple enough. Then you go to do it and it requires persistence. And patience. And perseverance.

This weekend I totally enjoyed myself. Not over complicating anything. I’m just…back at it. Again. (“eff” word)

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