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Day 209 – No more circus tarps! NO MORE CIRCUS TARPS! And I can’t joke about it any more either. I’m trying to tamp down my self deprecating humor. I am not supposed to be the fat funny person anymore. Ok. I’m still staring at a scale that reads just under 200lbs. So. Seriously. I’m still fat. Or “Phat” which has been suggested and I’ll admit I’m tempted. Sometimes you just have to find the funny or you’ll break. Perhaps it’s just me. But I’m told cautionary tales point in the direction of: 1. Undermining credibility professionally, 2. Making people feel too familiar and familiarity breeds contempt, 3. Words matter, what you say you become…plus several other pitfalls and consequences of self deprecating humor that I would like to avoid if possible. Undermining my credibility is certainly not the result I want when I think something is funny. But I do catch myself using humor to deflect. And deflection stops reflection. So while I’m working on this transformation thing, I’m making a concerted effort to cut it out. For the most part. Sometimes things are just….funny! Or ironic. Or ridiculous. Like this “issue” of “Dogue.”

While I’m still tipping scales at a number I’d like to only view in my rear (pun intended) view mirror, I have fashion on my mind. I am visualizing what it will feel and look like when I don’t have to shop in the plus size department. I’m loving the idea of wearing a super cool belt and a tucked in shirt. Svelte. Sophisticated. No more stretchy polyesters to cover my self image damaging sins.

I’m going to wear my new linen dress tomorrow while shooting an ad campaign. It is an XL, not a 1, 2, or 3X! Admittedly, it’s loose fitting. But I shimmied into it with a flourish and was so happy I kissed the shocked salesperson.  It’s not the usual questionable plus-size fashions I typically am forced to choose from. Whomever designs plus size must think we want to look like a leopard, a cheetah (not the good Elite FitForever kind), or are interested in wearing arm holes the size of a small country (resulting in everyone being able to see your entire bra plus more).

I am not willing to wait until everything is perfect to rediscover my inner fashionista. The sad truth is I have so many clothes in so many sizes, I simply have to keep trying them back on. Just sometimes…I want to walk into a store and buy something fab. This linen dress will be fab tomorrow because I feel fab in it.

And lookout! I’m going to really let my fab freaky fashionista flag fly free when I can look down and see my feet. #nextmilestone

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