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Day 210 – On my feet most of the day on a shoot but it was all good. I had a new dress on! It kinda looks like a little bit of a sack in this shot but I love it. Pockets, linen, short enough so I didn’t have to hem it. (Short people problems.) I like it loose and fancy free!

Yesterday I blogged about it. So comfy and light as air. 50lbs down and I’m just starting to get my fashion fab on. Although I suspect my daughter – a fashion major – would not approve of it. But I DON’T CARE! She’s not the boss of me. Fine. The necklace is hers. I ripped it off. So at least THAT might meet her standards.

I have a client who is a Reiki Master. He got ahold of me today during the shoot and it was fantastic. I’m never quite sure what he is doing but I’m absolutely all for it. Today he explained what Delta brain waves are. He worked to reduce my stress and anxiety levels. He also tried to guide me on meditation without mayhem. Trying to help me find peace instead of plotting revenge and murder (my usual struggle). He said he was proud of me and it meant a lot.

He may be the nicest, toughest negotiator I know. Dichotomous. But aren’t we all?

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