Day 212 – My morning #workout #torture. Trainer/Dietician Erik Bustillo was taunting me and enjoying every moment. He even took a couple of them to take a phone call from my sister who thanked him profusely. (Probably for torturing me.) There is no doubt he is my life saver. He sure seems to be having fun doing it. So that is good…FOR HIM.

He put me through my paces with a big yellow rubber band and pumping a 15lb weight. And of course the stairs. He smiled the entire time. UGH. He’s so happy and pleasant I look like a grump even when I’m happy and smiling!

Speaking of life savers, Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino saw me today and ordered vampire levels of blood so she can stay on top of my hormone and vitamin levels. She walked in the examining room and showed me one of my blog posts cracking up at how much the Day 209 “Dogue” post looked like her sweet puppy. She is super supportive. So hilarious.

But one thing wasn’t funny at all today….my blood pressure. When I began my health and wellness journey, Dr. Tolentino gave me a full physical and my blood pressure was 154/95.  I had hypertension and had no clue. Today it was 115/80. She hugged me so tightly. Filled with such sincerity. I was grateful and thanked her. She smiled and insisted I was saving my own life. My hope is that everyone who needs healthcare finds a provider as caring and skilled as Dr. Tolentino. No joke. If you aren’t getting the right care, run to someone who will.

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