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Day 324 – There are people I love and then there are politics. I’m not biting. Seems like everywhere I turn I am assaulted by the thought police. It is beginning to feel very 1984’ish. I am refusing to discuss politics as much as humanly possible. There simply is nothing to be gained by it. People are intellectually dishonest. It’s dirty, dark politics. And I’m so over it.

So grateful that an old friend invited us over for dinner under the Sukkah tonight. It was lovely. Right on a lake. We sat outside and had a great time. I needed a break from the regular grind and this night filled with nice people did the trick for me.

Until they asked about who I’m voting for. And I answered. I’d just come from visiting a friend who, filled with enough smug distain to fill a football stadium, tried to shame me into voting for their candidate.

I resisted. I smiled. I didn’t engage. I don’t owe anyone an explanation. I don’t need to defend my choice. It’s my choice to make. And comments like, “I feel sorry for you” I assure you don’t change my vote. I guarantee it. 100%. Because I don’t agree with you doesn’t make me worthy of your unsolicited, false pity.

Boy! The thought police came out to play and stayed. Trump/Clinton conversations are not for those who lack political literacy and thick skin. Social Media posts are…interesting to say the least. Even the most ignorant people sound even more ignorant when they populate social media spewing baseless facts with the moral authority of…well…I don’t even know! All I know is, I’m not reading that stuff anymore. I want to still like these people after this election!

Today, I worked, enjoyed my family, and laughed with some lovely new friends. We stopped the migration of the conversation to politics as best we could. October 22nd is my wedding anniversary. Looking at all the ugliness surrounding me? I’m going to vow we are going to stay intellectually honest, true to our values, and kind to each other! (Or else!)

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