I feel you!

By |November 28th, 2016|

Day 361 - I totally feel like this some days! I'm not sad about my diet. And I don't feel like a sad sack on my diet. I just saw this meme and cracked up because, well, let's face it, [...]

Is this wedding donut wall “a thing”?

By |November 27th, 2016|

Day 360 - Trying to redirect my mind from negative thoughts (like my daughter flying back to college, and me trying not to kill people) I began to read some mindless article to entertain my brain and I'm immediately reminded about how [...]

Lifting my spirits. #HolidayShopping

By |November 26th, 2016|

Day 359 - Lifting my spirits this weekend. My daughter is in town for Thanksgiving and I am re-centering my psyche. Yesterday was an absolute emotional trap door shit show and I fell right through. I had to "tap out" [...]

I’m tapping out…

By |November 25th, 2016|

Day 358 - This is the attitude I need to remind myself to have. I thought I was having a heart attack today. A circumstance so cruel, and the person responsible for it, so intentional, I lost my little slice [...]


By |November 25th, 2016|

Day 357 - This is the beautiful sunset that greeted our guests this Thanksgiving. I missed it! Happily ensconced in the kitchen cooking like a crazy person since 9am. In fact, my friend admitted I scared her when she entered [...]


By |November 24th, 2016|

Day 356 - Accepting compliments is a challenge. Giving them to someone like me is perilous. Why? Because when you say things like, "You look better than the last time I saw you!" It cuts me like a knife. Well [...]

Best Meme EVER!

By |November 23rd, 2016|

Day 355 - I woke up this morning to see this meme, sent from a loyal friend who has followed my twisted "Donut Saga." The fact that I found shoes with donuts on them (the subject of another post and [...]


By |November 21st, 2016|

Day 354 - This photo is of our neighborhood. In the 80's one of my favorite songs was called, "Our House" by Madness (1982). I always wanted our home to be the center of our children's universe with their friends. [...]


By |November 20th, 2016|

Day 353 - Packing for a quick business trip to Tennessee. One nighters make it super easy. Except when you are still too fat for you skinny clothes and too small for your fat clothes. Arghhhhhhhh! I refuse. REFUSE! To [...]

What was I THINKING?!

By |November 20th, 2016|

Day 352 - #Costco the weekend before Thanksgiving. OK then. Enough said. My mental health and metal was tested today. A sea of humanity. An undulating, throng jostling for position in every aisle. At every turn. My brother came with [...]

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