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Day 350 – I chose fun today. And I learned a lot. About other people. About myself. About what’s important.

There is a certain kind of resilience, an elasticity, if you will, that helps me get from one day to another. Two steps forward, one step back. Like last night when I had a very difficult conversation and immediately grabbed a glass of wine.

Today I did the best I could with my food choices and passed temptations like an ENTIRE F’ING PLATE OF CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES! And loads of FREE WINE AND CHAMPAGNE!

I attended an event supporting and organization that helps children who are abused, abandoned, or disabled. I ran into loads of women I regard highly and rarely have an opportunity to see. Our lives simply don’t intersect as often now that our children have grown and flown. And there we were. A bunch of moms, watching a video testimony featuring the work of the organization. Always the TV producer, I lean over to my friend to complain about the production values and criticize the structure of the storytelling. Then I chilled my nuggets when she reminded me, “THIS is how you get into trouble.” (Which is code for – don’t say anything or risk getting roped into producing them for free!) When I started actually listening to the video, I began fighting back tears. Humanity and humility restored. Whew! That was a close call with hell!

Focusing on the needs of the least and weakest among us, I was reminded of how excruciatingly cruel and kind we can be. I was wrong. And the video was very moving.

We laughed when I won a bikini wax appointment in the raffle and immediately handed it to my friend. A bikini wax was a complete frolic and detour for me. HA! Hey! I chose to be kind!  You become what you surround yourself with!

So when my husband was out helping our cherished friends, I grabbed my son and we all met up for dinner. Why, after a 6:45am start to my day, would I go and stay out late? Because I am choosing to have fun, surround myself with people who are kind, and who love, support, and enjoy our company…effortlessly! Nothing complicated. No drama. Just fun, insightful conversation…which I seemed to enjoy from this morning with coach, Bill Cortright, to tonight with dinner out with friends.

All because I chose to have fun. Which I didn’t used to do. I would have never allowed myself to spend that time, in the middle of a work day, or late at night? ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME? NEVER. While working on my flexibility as a person, both literally and figuratively, I’m finding peace in the process. #whoknew

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