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Day 453 – With one child wanting to become an actor and another joining a charitable organization board, both needed headshots. I, of course, scheduled it when I was able to get all three of them in one room. And that was this weekend. Hey, before you judge, just know I saw it as efficient! I wanted some new and current photos for display at home and the office.

I got it done today. It wasn’t pretty. But it got done. My kids are – at the same time – super critical AND supportive of each other.

The rough and tumble way they play, watching them together may look like a loser leave town cage match for the uninitiated.

At one point I had to calm myself down from snapping – when the “Bickering Bickersons” began to roar a little too loudly. The photographer brought his pregnant wife, who mercifully knows her way around a camera herself. It was great with two (+1/2) of them because each one captured something different from each child. Since it’s too late for birth control, they’ll soon find out, it is too late for any control of any kind anymore.

When we got into the car tonight to take my husband out to dinner on his “birthday weekend,” an incredible sense of gratitude and fear overwhelmed me. We were all together. In one car. My everything. My ABSOLUTE EVERYTHING was in that car. The fragility of the moment wasn’t lost on me. For one moment. At this point in my weight loss journey, it is times like these that keep me going. That remind me what is really at risk here. Losing my health and life. Losing the ability to live my life with them.

When the kids were little we were running through an airport. Our family looked, sounded, and acted like “one of THOSE families.” While dragging his rolling Barney backpack past some incredulous travelers silently praying we weren’t seated near them, my then 7 year old son remarked to them, “We’re like a traveling birth control commercial!” I’m certain my photographer and his (pregnant with their first child) wife were silently thinking the same thing.

Ultimately, I will cherish these photos. They took over 900. We’ll see if we can mine something salvageable!  

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