#fattofabover50 #mybaggageclaim

Day 458 – Sometimes it is surreal when I wait for baggage at my hometown airport. I always get a little melancholy. After living away for longer than I did growing up here…my memories of this baggage carousel in particular are filled with the best of times. And the worst. Some brutally funny and some equally cruel.

Standing here alone is simple enough. No more carrying infants or cajoling and corralling cranky toddlers. One time my family came to pick us up…grabbed the kids and the luggage in two cars and drove off without me. I was grateful! I just waited until someone figured it out and enjoyed the respite!

Home for the holidays were not always storybook. Always with me straddling the middle distance between two different religions and people standing on ceremony…often with heels dug deep on all sides pulling me in every direction. With each destination making someone unhappy. But I miss them just the same.

We’d find equanimity. My children always had a blast. Blissfully unaware. Their last few trips (before we stopped coming several times a year) were for sad occasions. Their next trip will be for a wedding so we are all super excited for that! Tuxedos are ready and my daughter is thrilled to be the maid of honor for her cousin.

Love is a funny thing. It endures long after you think it would be ok to have faded. My flight landed at 1:30am and my sister was up and texting me, “Take a taxi not an Uber it could be dangerous at this hour.” Then she stalk-texted me until I assured her I was safe at our family home. I assured her of my age and that I’ve raised 3 children and am an owner of a couple of companies. She insisted on the taxi. I didn’t take an Uber to make her happy. $100 vs $50. She is buying me lunch or giving me jewelry. Oh yeah. She’d do that anyway. Because she loves me. Still. No matter what.