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Day 471 – As an emptying nester, I pray that my children are people who have the capacity to love and spread kindness wherever they choose to build their lives.

As long as my kids take me with them.

Which apparently will never happen if they put me on #UnitedAirlines.

Flight 1537 today seemed simple enough. I had a small carry-on bag that easily fits under the seat.

As I’m standing in line on my phone an agent walks over and attaches a baggage claim sticker on it. I ask her what is going on and she says it must be checked. I protest saying, “this is a bag with some “fragile” items and fits under the seat.” She’s already gone. I figure I’ll speak to the gate agent. As I ask she loudly cuts me off, annoyed, “It is checked. We can discuss it after the plane leaves. Step to the side.” She huffs and rolls her eyes in a conspiratorial fashion at the few remaining passengers who then snare at me as they pass.

Seriously? The last passenger is checked in. I then asked her if there was an alternative solution. She is now raising her voice. I know I’m in New Jersey but…#WOW! I interrupt her and ask if she could lower her voice. She takes a few steps back like she’s the #Cashmeouside girl and snaps, “Okay. Howabout now? I’m not yelling at you now! As I said, the plane leaves then we talk.”

I take my jewelry and laptop out and walk the jet way. She follows to make sure I leave it. I immediately see loads of room in many open overhead bins. I turn to the steward and ask if I can get my bag back which was still at the doorway. “It’s been checked – please take your seat.” Already an hour late, we then sit on the tarmac for an additional 30-40 minutes. I get busy writing a complaint.

SILVER LINING? I caught myself letting this person steal my peace. She definitely rattled my “disrespect” cage. And I watched it happen. Apparently I don’t like to be disrespected. So I spent a few moments doing an exercise, #livingrightwithbillcortright style, to release that feeling and the negative energy associated with it. Yeahhh baby!

I was tempted to go all Cash Me Ouside on them. But the fear of being featured in one of those cell phone videos stopped me.

Blogging this out to get it out. #Dammit

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