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Day 509 – When was the last time you saw your vagina? Hell, before this weight loss journey I could barely see my feet! Body image is a nasty demon. Overweight or not, comfort with our bodies messes with our heads. Being overweight for so long I’d stopped thinking about me ENTIRELY because…why? Ugh!

So when I saw a story about an experiment where a photographer took photos of women’s vaginas then showed them to each for their reaction, I couldn’t stop myself from rushing to read it. I thought about what I might think were I in that position. Body image issues are a brutal reality for me. And I suspect many others.

As I watched the video that accompanied the story, I believe their emotional reactions had less to do with that actual part of their body and more to do with self image.

Tears began to stream as the women became emotional. They were, to a person, uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. No surprise. I totally identified.

THEN they showed the men in their lives. Each seemed to have a story, lovingly told with descriptive terms like “beautiful” and shared with a smile.

I laughed out loud when one of the women remarked how her vagina didn’t look like the ones you see in porn. Whaaat?! We now know how she spends some of her time.

After taking a slight hiatus from blogging and heavy/strict dieting, I can feel my body image slowly slipping back to negative. Which is ironic because I haven’t felt more positive. Both my coach, Bill Cortright, and dietitian, Erik Bustillo have been after me. They know. I’ve run wild around the country for the last month. 4 States. 1 twice. Having fun. A family wedding. Pitching new business. Working with clients. Cooking. Drinking wine. With a few martinis with blue cheese olives sprinkled in between. There is a snap back that happens on this journey. The weight loss stalls. You get fatigued (read: an excuse). You slide back to old patterns and old results begin to reappear.

Don’t ask me about a plastic surgeon who specialized in rejuvenating vaginas. A client, but only briefly, he made us look at hundreds of before and after photos to understand his unique selling proposition. #toomanyvaginas

While I will not be taking #vagina photos anytime soon, (I can hear the collective groan of embarrassment and chest-clutching gagging as my kids read this), I continue to push forward. A little bit like giving birth…to a rejuvenated me.

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