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Day 523 – Every Wednesday afternoon at 6pm my dietitian/trainer, Erik Bustillo, is leading a run/walk group! This is a photo of us last Wednesday at Island View Park. This Wednesday? Come join us at 1700 Purdy Avenue on Miami Beach!

Elite Health is organizing it but you don’t have to join anything to come walk with us. We had fun and a serious chit chat about managing food, exercise, and weight. And…it is fun! No stairs!! Just walking the beautiful Venetian Causeway…no stress.

I keep recommitting and recommitting. And seemingly digging myself into a hole. Undermining my progress. These last couple of months I have enjoyed some freelance time, trying to figure out how to transition from diet to everyday lifestyle. I have been off my exercise game, traveling more than usual, not staying on a strict Elite Health weekly weigh-in and counsel session..and can feel weight creeping back on.

The recommitting thing is an interesting foe. Ever say to yourself, “This is it! One last Martini. Salami is protein! One last hurrah before I REALLY buckle down!”? And BAM! You get squidgy around the edges and your new clothes are not as loose. UGH. I am feeling challenged…so why not dig a deeper hole? Of course! That makes PERFECT sense!


Let’s make a date! Each Wednesday. Come have fun with Erik, the crew, and me. I’m thankful that we walked and talked last Wednesday. Totally helpful. Completely appreciated. Love Erik, Elite Health, and the opportunity to have another day to keep on keepin’ on.

See you WEDNESDAY! 6pm sharp! XOXO

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