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Day 527 – Today’s coaching session with #BillCortright was rough. In a good way. Accountability and honesty. Calling bullshit. Cheerleading. He’s GOT to be exhausted! Ehhhhhhhh….no. His energy levels are so positive, so high, he can run at that speed 24/7 (almost). He’s human (almost). I know he’s given me LOADS to think about…and some much needed clarity in terms of my priorities regarding my health.

He’s been where I’m at, so he comes by it honestly having lost 100lbs 3 times. And since authenticity is one of my top 5 life values, it means a lot to me.

I’m seemingly making so much progress in 4 of the 5 categories we’re focusing on: career, relationships, spirituality/personal development, finances. However, health is the challenge at this point. I’m missing meals, not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise and having way too much wine.

I was up at and at it with him at 7:30am. At 10pm I’m still thinking about every single thing we talked about. He does a podcast 5 days a week and I learn something new everyday. Even with the benefit and blessing of coaching directly with him in person every week. Check his podcast out here: www.thestressmasterypodcast.com

Tomorrow on Instagram will be our big “Fierce 50 Follow Friday and I’m super excited about it. So look for my posts on each of my fierce and fab team!

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