#fattofabover50 #fierce50followfriday

Day 528 – I’ve been invited to participate in a very cool #instagram campaign! #Fierce50FollowFriday is an incredible way to discover some very interesting women! #Grateful to be grouped with a team of 4 other #bloggers and #instagrammers who are putting themselves out there. Mine seems to be the only shame spiral – LOL – but they are lovely, bright, and worth your follow! Thanks to @jtouchofstyle and @theeageofgrace for their brilliant idea. Look for the hashtag #fierce50followfriday and the other tags attached to this post. But most importantly!!! Check out and follow my deep thinking, fun, and cool crew first!

@themidlifeaesthetic – “We are all walking each other home. And that in a nutshell, sums up how I feel about other midlife women!” (note: Just know, she started one email to our team with “I was thinking of you all this morning when I was in my psychic phone booth – a.k.a. my shower…”) I spit my coffee out.

@weight_loss_pro_robin – “If I can help just one person get on track and reach their goal, then I’ve accomplished my goal. I’ve lost 77.7 pounds so far (but who’s counting?). I think you have to be fierce set a goal like losing 150 pounds!” Can I get an AMEN?

@Grandma2Glamma – (after losing 75lbs) “I started running and have run several half marathons…and am currently training for my second full marathon in October of this year. I have recently taken up powerlifting too and will be training seriously to compete after the marathon. Before this I was never athletic, even as a child.” WHAT!? You go girl!

@gerontologistloricampbell – “I am a gerontologist whose specialty is keeping healthy peeps healthy via lifestyle and mindset practices. I recently underwent a challenge to loose the visceral body fat that came on during peri-menopause. Now I am having fun sculpting the body of my desire! I am leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before! A NEW VISION of aging!” My undergraduate degree is in gerontology! Except…Lori Campbell seems to be doing it much better!

Now let’s do this!

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