#fattofabover50 #Vagina Bldg


Do you see what I see? Oh boy…who designed this? We spotted this as we fled Hurricane Irma. I was sort of numb, having freaked out. My husband humored me and agreed to leave everything we own and drive to his Aunt and Uncle’s home in Georgia. Back roads. All the way. All the freakin’ way. So as we passed this building (pictured) in some unremembered, unremarkable, sleepy little Florida town…I was shook from my stupor, pissed I’d forgotten my wedding album, and snapped this shot. “Look at that vagina!” I exclaimed!!!! All he could do was shake his head.

It’s true. I’ve been working hard on a project and not blogging lately. But it doesn’t mean I’m not continuing the fight. The struggle. I am. As my weight goes up and down. Up and down. Thank you GOD for #billcortright,  #erikbustillo, and #elitehealth.

Who said getting your life and your weight under control was easy? A liar. That is who.

So what have I been working on? A book. The hubris. The self absorbed nature of the folly is not lost on me. Trust me.

So my friend who founded #sherorising and a podcast will feature me tomorrow evening at 9:30pm…I wish her luck. I’m hoping I’ll be interesting or enlightening, or something! omg

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