Fat To Fab Over 50

I am an award winning TV producer and Advertising Executive. By all objective measure, I am successful in my personal and professional life. My husband loves me, my children are healthy, my business is one of the top Ad Agencies in South Florida, I’m a co-founder of a digital technology company, and I joyfully volunteer in my community. During Women’s History Month this year, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Florida chose me as the Pioneer Woman of the Year and the National Small Business Association nominated me as one of the top 5 Small Business owners in the country.

I am also 100lbs over weight. Many of our longtime clients think I’m clever no matter what size I am. But not every potential client I pitch immediately sees beyond my size. I must work harder to overcome their initial internal question, “If she can’t manage her own weight how can she manage my account?”

Like many women, I organize everything and everyone else’s life. I have made everyone and everything else the priority. I have somehow lost myself in the process.

The catalyst?

Not too long ago, I had a woman come up to me and say “Your children are so gorgeous” and I laughed just thrilled at the compliment. “Oh my god aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t even be modest!” I beamed with pride. She then said “You need to lose a lot of weight. They really deserve better.” I was rendered speechless. I walked away, hid and cried. It was a painful thing to hear. It was a cruel thing to say…out loud. I knew she was saying what others think or say behind my back.

I decided to look at it as an unintended gift…

I am fat, over-fifty and relaunching my life. The journey is just beginning.


March 2017

Multitasking? Bit@h puleeze!!!!

March 11th, 2017|

Day 459 - Instead of driving to an appointment today, I went for a long walk. It was MUCH needed and gave me an opportunity to sort some thoughts out and make some calls. I ended up on my phone almost the entire time. Whipsawed between getting extremely aggravated to laughing my [...]

My Baggage Claim

March 10th, 2017|

Day 458 - Sometimes it is surreal when I wait for baggage at my hometown airport. I always get a little melancholy. After living away for longer than I did growing up here...my memories of this baggage carousel in particular are filled with the best of times. And the worst. [...]

A blog friend sent me this Donut stamp!

March 9th, 2017|

Day 447 - omg...OMG!!! Today I received this gift in the mail. Out of the blue. I'd gotten an inkling something surprising was coming when "Lee" asked my mailing address. The kindness of strangers...who aren't so strange. At all! Lee and I are friends on Facebook and follow the same [...]

On my own…

March 8th, 2017|

Day 456 - Somehow I ended up alone tonight and it was fantastic! I got my nails done and took myself out to dinner. Well...I ended up doing takeout but I still was OUT! ALONE! Unsupervised!! Sitting there getting a manicure. Then walking...BY MYSELF...to a restaurant. Waiting for my take [...]


March 6th, 2017|

Day 455 - Are you $hitting me? Freakin' SHAMROCK Shakes are at McDonalds for St. Patrick's Day and I am losing my godforesakin' mind. These TV commercials are testing my last resistance nerve. And I'm in advertising! Damn! I know - first hand - those shakes in the spots are tricked [...]

I’m a fraud!

March 5th, 2017|

  Day 454 - Here I am aping about how special it is to have our kids back home for a weekend together in celebration of my husband's birthday. Teary-eyed in fact! Just the thought of us being together causes me to choke-up and chest-clutch. And then my friend runs up [...]

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I'm loving me some vacation time! And why is everyone else so f'ing happy?

Day 472 - Blogging on 3 hours of sleep is #dangerous! My mind is racing. I'm cooking and packing all at the same time. Organizing and running everyone's ass around. It is no surprise, people (basically every one I encounter on a daily basis) are perfectly giddy I'm leaving town. My last trip for business, it took me until I got on the plane to realize my husband put ALL my bags and my purse, and my coffee in the car and held the door for me on my way out. And I hadn't even blowdried my hair yet! Hmmmmmm....

When I left the office today...I seriously think there was a little of that going on. A little too much nice and helpfulness to ease my way out the door. #LOL

"My bright and handsome son Joshua was super helpful today. With all of his spiritual revelations freaking me out..."

Ignore that. My son just jacked my computer.


Aside the fact that he is ridiculous...this is a PERFECT example of what I'm up against in my own home...where I've been reduced to being only taller than the dog and repeating myself until they start laughing in my face.

It is NOT cool.

I am going off the grid for several days and looking forward to it. I'm going to write...and may not publish. I don't know.

All I know is that my niece is getting married, my daughter and I are in charge of putting together the gift bags, and we are taking this happy task very seriously.

So happy to be...#happy.

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@United we fail...
Day 471 – As an emptying nester, I pray that my children are people who have the capacity to love and spread kindness wherever they choose to build their lives.

As long as my kids take me with them.

Which apparently will never happen if they put me on #UnitedAirlines.

Flight 1537 today seemed simple enough. I had a small carry-on bag that easily fits under the seat.

As I’m standing in line on my phone an agent walks over and attaches a baggage claim sticker on it. I ask her what is going on and she says it must be checked. I protest saying, “this is a bag with some “fragile” items and fits under the seat.” She's already gone. I figure I’ll speak to the gate agent. As I ask she loudly cuts me off, annoyed, “It is checked. We can discuss it after the plane leaves. Step to the side.” She huffs and rolls her eyes in a conspiratorial fashion at the few remaining passengers who then snare at me as they pass.

Seriously? The last passenger is checked in. I then asked her if there was an alternative solution. She is now raising her voice. I know I’m in New Jersey but…#WOW! I interrupt her and ask if she could lower her voice. She takes a few steps back like she’s the #Cashmeouside girl and snaps, “Okay. Howabout now? I’m not yelling at you now! As I said, the plane leaves then we talk.”

I take my jewelry and laptop out and walk the jet way. She follows to make sure I leave it. I immediately see loads of room in many open overhead bins. I turn to the steward and ask if I can get my bag back which was still at the doorway. “It’s been checked – please take your seat.” Already an hour late, we then sit on the tarmac for an additional 30-40 minutes. I get busy writing a complaint.

SILVER LINING? I caught myself letting this person steal my peace. She definitely rattled my “disrespect” cage. And I watched it happen. Apparently I don’t like to be disrespected. So I spent a few moments doing an exercise, #livingrightwithbillcortright style, to release that feeling and the negative energy associated with it. Yeahhh baby!

I was tempted to go all Cash Me Ouside on them. But the fear of being featured in one of those cell phone videos stopped me.

Blogging this out to get it out. #Dammit

#FatToFabOver50,#happiness #lifecoach #selfawareness #inspiredaily #wisdom #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #selfdevelopment #relationships #family #communication #story #resilience #lawofattraction #acceptance, #stressresponse, #workingwomen, #emptynest, #dieting, #selfdiscovery, #life, #midlife, #babyboomers, #selfactualization, #motherhood, #selfimprovement, #lifelessons, #dietfail, #triggers, #selfhelp
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Flyin’ High Today… Day 470 - A long travel day with back to back meetings and loads of planes, trains, and automobiles. Not a problem. Truly a pleasure. Met loads of smart, interesting people. I l...

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Flyin’ High Today…
Day 470 - A long travel day with back to back meetings and loads of planes, trains, and automobiles. Not a problem. Truly a pleasure. Met loads of smart, interesting people. I like that.
It's just that this guy. This guy in the photo. He threw a handkerchief over his face and called it good. He was dun son. And left me inspired. I need to do more of that in my life. He shut out the world and locked it down. With a handkerchief.

I'm such a germaphobe, all I could think of was what a great idea that was. Not exactly a full-on surgical mask, or post-apocalyptic looking Silence of the Lambs mask. Just a guy. With a kerchief. Looking for relief. FROM TEN SCREAMING BABIES.

I landed with a headache. Wow. There were days...where if my kids were screaming? At least I knew where they were! And was relieved! Now? When the stewardess gave me some plastic utensils, the plane almost became a crime scene. Ok...maybe not. But I was thinking it. In my mind.

Ya know...with all this meditation....grrrrrrrr

#FatToFabOver50,#happiness #lifecoach #selfawareness #inspiredaily #wisdom #smallbusiness #successful #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #selfdevelopment #relationships #family #intimacy #love #communication #story #goodfriends #hope #resilience #confidence #success #lawofattraction #acceptance, #stressresponse, #workingwomen, #emptynest, #dieting, #selfdiscovery, #life, #midlife, #babyboomers, #selfactualization, #motherhood, #selfimprovement, #lifelessons, #dietfail, #triggers, #selfhelp
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An asshole is just one small part of someone...
Day 469 - When you think someone is an asshole, try to remember an asshole is just one, teeny tiny part of them. I am really REALLY learning this.

Have you ever had someone turn on you for no apparent reason? You wrack your brain for some horrible action you've taken against them. And you come up with nuthin', or at least nothing that you can put your finger on.

We all have assholiness moments. And they shouldn't define us for the rest of our lives. Redemption is always possible. Hell. I'm in the process of regrouping. But during the few times someone has turned on me I still stand convinced I've done NOTHING that would dictate the banishment, vitriol, and hatred I encountered.

I'm human. I was wounded at first. Then I regroup. Because I don't like to apologize for shit I didn't do. Doesn't mean I didn't think about doin' it...but that is another story.

Today, I accidentally came by a voicemail I saved so that I could remind myself "why" this person is no longer part of my life. They'd cut me off with a swift and painful cut. When I first heard the voicemail several years ago, I was wounded. Today? Nuthin'. No emotion. My cage was not rattled at all. I think I finally realized that I don't have to waste time hating them. They were wonderful for many years - and for all I know they could be wonderful now - but I realized today that I don't need their approval or good will. I need to stay focused on mine.

I don't care about them enough to wish them any ill-will either. I felt so peaceful, and it was powerful to let that need for acceptance and negativity go.

#FatToFabOver50,#happiness #lifecoach #selfawareness #inspiredaily #wisdom #smallbusiness #successful #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #selfdevelopment #relationships #family #intimacy #love #communication #story #goodfriends #hope #resilience #confidence #success #lawofattraction #acceptance, #stressresponse, #workingwomen, #emptynest, #dieting, #selfdiscovery, #life, #midlife, #babyboomers, #selfactualization, #motherhood, #selfimprovement, #lifelessons, #dietfail, #triggers, #selfhelp

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